Licensing music is expensive and generally far outstrips the cost of licensing sound effects. Sometimes it is possible to find a few decent sound snippets in effect libraries that can effectively sequenced to create decent music track. One example is a track I put together for a promo video of Mahjong Seasons, combining a Chinese flute recording with Asian drums and cymbals.

However, it rarely works out like that. I’ve come to the conclusion that with low cost tools such as Apple’s Garage Band a lot can be accomplished with very little, and more effectively than hunting for usable sound effects. A great example is the theme song for Christmas Solitaire Tri-Peaks. It was originally created as an eight-bar track in Garage Band on iPad, with multiple instruments layered on top of each other, which were then copied to create various 8-bar sections with different instruments as a focus.

Then solos for each instrument were added, which in the final mix were alternated with the main loop.
To hear it all, simply download the game and stay on the Main Menu.